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nostalgia 7 years ago
Can't believe I found this. This is some of the first porn I saw when I was downloading on limewire back in early highschool 2003. Lol! *sighs* memories...
lol 6 years ago
limewire porn yeahhhhhhh! i've been digging up a lot of these old videos here lately, nostalgia fo sho
horn 15 years ago
i wish there was subtitles.....very kinky idea
wtf 6 years ago
Why would we need her name? To look up more of her vids you fucking dumb cunt.
chrome 15 years ago
i will admit this girl's pussy would get a workout from my black dick
OooYo 6 years ago
This is one of the first porn I watched as well ftw!!!
i saw...3 part 15 years ago
the guy is speaking german and sometimes english for the girls to understand, and this translation is for amigos to understand, and enjoy:)
i saw the dvd in original 15 years ago
this is a part of a longer movie, and its made in hungary with hungarian girls, you can see on the beginning budapest what is the capital of hungary,
koppinen 15 years ago
very good video
bam 15 years ago
if they only had shows like this on the u.s